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We currently provide Muay Thai classes for adults and students under 18. Our Muay Thai lessons are exciting, effective and fun, so come on down and join us today!

Read on below to find out what you will be doing during our Muay Thai classes!

Muay Thai Shadow Boxing

Warm-up Exercises are important for warming up your body before any exercise, especially one as intense as Muay Thai, so as to prevent injury. At Strike Combat, we incorporate warm-up exercises like shadow boxing and skipping to get your heart pumping before the Muay Thai lesson.

Muay Thai Padwork

Bagwork & Padwork Bagwork and padwork drills are important during every Muay Thai lesson to help you learn new techniques and refine your existing techniques to make you become a more complete Muay Thai fighter. These drills also allow our Muay Thai trainers to correct wrong techniques and help you learn from your mistakes. Through continuously doing your Muay Thai drills, you will build muscle memory so that your Muay Thai combos will become instinct to you.

Muay Thai Sparring

Sparring may sound daunting, but it is an integral part of a martial art like Muay Thai. Sparring allows you to practice what you have learnt during your Muay Thai drills and see which techniques work for you, while also allowing you to work on your defence. 

Muay Thai Fitness Workout

Fitness Workouts are important as they help to build up your strength and endurance. A high fitness level is an integral part of every Muay Thai fighter's arsenal to outlast an opponent in the ring. This is why our Muay Thai classes at Strike Combat also focus on fitness training so that you can become better, stronger and faster!


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