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Strike Combat is an authentic Muay Thai gym dedicated to providing quality training at affordable prices for all levels of proficiency.

Here, you will find a combination of both traditional and modern worlds in our Muay Thai training. While retaining the high quality of traditional teaching in an old-school learning environment, we also keep up with constantly changing modern scientific approches to help you improve in skills, fitness, confidence and experience through Muay Thai.


Muay Thai Training

Strike Combat began as an accidental business when a few Muay Thai fighters wanted to exchange fighting and training tips with one another privately. Pooling together the little money they had from their own pockets, they rented the rooftop of an old building. Having no money left for renovation or equipment purchase, they came up with innovative ideas and DIY training equipments for their Muay Thai training sessions.

Training and sparring with one another on an open rooftop under the weather soon caught the eyes of the public. People begain joining the Muay Thai sessions but some were complete beginners with no prior experience. The Muay Thai fighters trained the beginners to get everyone to be at least of sparring level. Despite the rundown environment, training quality received so much good feedback and positive response that more and more people came. This is the foundation of Strike Combat.

Today, Strike Combat has a brand new gym at Selegie Road and has grown into a full-fledged professional Muay Thai fight gym where you can find fitness enthusiasts, aspiring athletes, both professional and elite amateur Muay Thai fighters and dedicated trainers.


Learning Muay Thai may be daunting and scary experience for many people, but here at Strike Combat, we are committed to giving you the best Muay Thai experience.
Below are just some of Strike Combat's core values behind every Muay Thai class. 


For total beginners, don't worry! Our Muay Thai coaches will teach you the basics first, like the basic Muay Thai fighting stance and simple combos before letting you learn the more advanced techniques and start sparring, so that you aren't thrown into the deep end straightaway.


All our Muay Thai trainers are dedicated Muay Thai fighters and coaches with strong Muay Thai fight experience both locally and overseas. You can trust that at Strike Combat, you are being trained by the best in the business.


We believe in giving you a happy Muay Thai experience at Strike Combat. Our Muay Thai classes are designed to be exciting and lively, while our Muay Thai coaches are friendly and patient and will help you along in your Muay Thai journey. Here at Strike Combat, we are one big happy Muay Thai family!


All our Muay Thai classes at Strike Combat are designed to be safe. Our facilities are fully matted to prevent injuries, and all our Muay Thai lessons are supervised by our professional trainers to ensure our students' safety during every Muay Thai lesson.


456A Geylang Road, Singapore 389415 (For Drivers, please input Lorong 24A Geylang)


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Opening Hours

Weekdays: 1900 - 2130
Saturdays: 1130 - 1730
Closed on Sundays